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May long weekend is the official kick-off to gardening. There is an excitement in the air for gardening and growing everything from vegetables to fruit trees, and flowers. We are excited to be open and serve you for your gardening needs. Our opening is monitored by government regulations and we have also added our internal guidelines.

Unfortunately, in order to remain open during these times, a number of policies have been put in place. We are asking for your patience and understanding for the safety and health of all our customers, families, and our staff.

  • All shoppers will be given a cart for social distancing.
  • “Count of shoppers” allowed in our building will be monitored.
  • Shoppers allowed in groups of two will be given a cart.
  • No food, drinks, or beverage allowed (please keep these in vehicles.
  • No public washroom access.
  • This is not the time for family shopping with children. Access granted to 16 years and older.
  • We are limiting access to the building to levels well below our government allotted customer count.
  • Flow of traffic arrows are present throughout the building please respect these markings
    • For those who “make an Oopsy” down the wrong way, let’s be kind and allow social distancing for them to get back “on track”.

Please Note: During this busy time of gardening “Please bring your patience along with your gardening enthusiasm.”

St. Mary’s Nursery will not tolerate abuse of any kind to any of our staff over these policies.

Thank You!

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